November 10th, 2014

570 N Alafaya Trail #104, Orlando, FL 32828

Monthly Meeting Schedule
2nd Monday. 7pm at the only Central Florida Tea Party movement office!


Duty is ours; Results are God’s ~ John Quincy Adams


Citizenship is not a spectator sport.

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Mission Statement

We are an active voice against political complacency. We educate ourselves and fellow citizens to understand, serve and protect the values and principals expressed by our founding fathers, memorialized in the United States Constitution. Our goal is to, move America back to the right and restore Constitutional governance, the culture of independence, the proper roles of government at all levels of society and fiscal responsibility. We interact with our community and government through education, legal activism, and the creation of peaceful engagement opportunities.

General Meetings

2nd Monday each month, 7pm
570 N Alafaya Trail #104, Orlando, FL 32828

If you wish to speak to our members or have a speaker suggestion, please contact us. Speakers must agree to take questions from the attendees. 

Attendance is free to the public. Donations to continue our effectiveness are appreciated.












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